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12 Oct 2017

The 6-Mile Creative Session

By Michele Kelly, Senior Content Specialist   Hold on . . . I’ve . . . got to catch . . . breath. Sprinted . . . last mile . . . Lana Del Rey and Beyoncé . . . yeah, they with me . . . and all those ideas. The ideas are the reason I tie the pink laces on my black Nike shoes, luxuriate in music nirvana and run as far as possible without looking like I’m […]

19 Sep 2017

How to Increase Your Value to Others

By Jackie Camacho-Ruiz   Every morning, I wake up hoping that I will help at least one person that day; that I may be of value to others. I head to work and spend most of my time interacting with people—family, new and current clients, team members, strategic partners and members of the media. Everybody is trying to get something done, and everyone believes that what they are doing is important. But how do we bring the very best of […]

20 Aug 2017

Inspiring Your Employees to Innovate

By Jackie Camacho-Ruiz   The only way to develop a successful legacy is to create a culture that can continue. Legacy is not about building a business like a machine and then being able to walk away and leave it chugging along. It is in the language and atmosphere that you build with your employees that allows your business to continue to grow and innovate in a changing world. There’s no doubt that innovation has lots of air to breathe […]

28 Jul 2017

Your Business Interactions: Make Every Touchpoint An Encounter

By: Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz   A touch point in your business interaction is defined as any point of contact between you and your customer/contact. In other words, anything that has your company logo on it is essentially a touch point. It could be an email, newsletter, billboard, phone call, brochure, etc. In business, every single one of your touch points should be cohesive, consistent and strategic, constantly elevating your business reputation. For a personal brand, every touch point becomes even more […]