Monthly Archives: March 2015

25 Mar 2015

How to Choose a Non-Profit Partner

A relationship with a non-profit organization will create successful benefits for both parties involved if the non-profit partner is chosen carefully. There are six different steps to finding the right non-profit for an incredible relationship. Those six steps are as follows: Define, Research, Reach out, Activate, Execute, and Measure. DEFINE: The first step is to define the relationship and what that entails. Define the type of influence the non-profit has on the community, the type of non-profit that would make […]

01 Mar 2015

Creating an Amazing Team – it’s a Matter of Trust

What do you need for a team that works well together and keeps your organization running like a well-tuned machine? In the quest to answer this question, we turned to the amazing team we have here at JJR Marketing. While each team member had their own insights, there was one recurring theme in all of the answers. Everyone mentioned trust as being one of the main ingredients to success. “I know my co-workers have my back and they know I […]