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25 Jan 2015

The Lagniappe Effect

A lagniappe is a small gift given to a customer by a merchant, something given out of good will as a way of saying thank you or expressing gratitude and generosity. This is a Creole word that dates back to 1844 New Orleans. The custom of giving a “little extra” is still widely practiced in Louisiana – and at JJR! Giving a lagniappe, or added value, is something that JJR does routinely, for all our clients. It goes above and […]

01 Jan 2015

Map It, Plan It, Execute It! – Your Marketing Strategy

So there you are, ready to create a completely amazing marketing strategy. Only you find yourself sitting at the desk with a blank sheet of paper or empty computer document in front of you. Sure, you have plenty of ideas for this strategy – but where do you start? Fear not, there is a solution to your dilemma. To begin with, know the underlying principles of a marketing campaign. These principles are: Target audience(s) Key message(s) Delivery vehicle(s) These points […]