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We grow companies by “making it happen” within the context of their world, their brand, their products and services, their markets and their media.

For thought leaders seeking break-through brand awareness, JJR is one of the fastest growing marketing and public relations agencies in Chicago’s west suburbs. We practice accountability that leads to high performance results, extra value that leads to an enjoyable relationship, and passionate perspective that leads to explosive creative. Every engagement is a mission to place a client's brand in the center of their most influential media creating buzz, leads, referrals, sales, growth and, at the end of the day, loyal brand advocates.


We strive to stir emotion, response and results

Great accomplishments start with people who are relentless. Nothing stands in their way of reaching higher and higher peaks. We’re talking about business milestones like greater brand recognition, buzz, business growth, lead generation and meaningful market engagement. Working with JJR means engaging a team of people who have made the climb before, making your way up a little easier and a lot more enjoyable.

Marketing Strategy


Taking you to the next level means focusing on objectives. Does your marketing center around your greatest opportunities? In a tight race, do you sport the competitive advantage? Is your brand distinctive, memorable, rock solid? Are you engaging in social media dialogue with the right people at the right times? JJR offers the currency of strong ideas, a roadmap to chart your course, and a reverent respect for your budget. Our approach is simple: stir emotion with a compelling message, engage an audience on their terms, and deliver measurable results to you, our client. This is why we don’t do projects. Nope. We take on missions—led by JJR Mission Managers (we also call them fearless, committed and unstoppable, and that’s on an average day).

Public Relations


Our clients want press. They want to be talked about. In blogs and tweets, on front-page covers and award podiums, in business pages and on the evening news. They want magazine features and social media placements and LinkedIn shares. They want to be top of mind. We expect our clients to be media greedy. It’s a good thing because we have high expectations too. At JJR, public relations is an energy that builds relationships across diverse mediums. Because one road will never reach everyone in your audience. Through the art of modern conversation, we engage media influencers that connect you to your customers, peers, referral sources, employees and investors. Plus, as journalists and editors ourselves, we’ve earned the media’s respect for pitching relevant, timely news angles.

Content & Creative


Our creative nets more than just awards. We stir emotion, response and results through identity programs, videos, websites, ghostwriting and book design, lead generation programs, online campaigns and more. First step: sitting down with you and your team to understand your business targets. We look at position statements, branding audits, market research, audience personas, and your corporate vision. We then transform these into unforgettable visuals that resonate your brand. Good design empowers the marketing message. It makes it dance. Right into the hearts of the people who can help your company grow. Similarly, good content keeps people reading past the punch line. And it makes them think and feel.

Our Practice Areas

What we focus on

What Makes an Ideal Client for JJR?

We love working with leaders that are vested in the growth of their company, allocate the necessary resources, people and budget to execute strategic marketing and understand that results take time and commitment.

We love to work with a CEO that wants to:

  • Engage employees in the exciting marketing initiatives
  • Match up the brand to the company’s growth
  • Have their brand represented as professionally as possible
  • Secure thought leadership in their industry
  • Penetrate new Markets
  • Create a legacy in the community by giving back


Professional Services

We identify the right audiences and growing relationships. The winding trails are many. Luckily, we’ve got the experience and talent to chart a great course.


Manufacturing is the backbone of America. JJR is your ideal partner to sustain your growth, tap into new markets and become a thought leader in your industry.

Technology / IT

An IT company needs a true partner that adapts to its needs. Producing case studies, sell sheets, spec sheets, thought leadership content and getting in front of the media are just some of the ways to stay on top of the game.


Cause marketing demands a thematic approach to donor cultivation and brand awareness. JJR’s emotionally-charged messaging impacts the non-profit’s unique journey up the hill.


The Company Talents

The agency core team is changing. What used to be an art-and-strategy duo is rapidly evolving into an art, copy, media, PR and business hodgepodge. Look behind any success story and you’ll usually find a great team, a group of passionate people who raise each other’s game.  When thinking about productivity we often focus on the individual, yet it’s by optimizing teams that we can truly take our missions (not projects) to the next level.

Jackie Camacho-Ruiz

Make-It-Happen Director

Jackie Camacho-Ruiz

Juan Pablo Ruiz

Creative Director

Juan Pablo Ruiz

Michele Kelly

Senior Content Specialist

Michele Kelly

Karen Dix

Senior Content Specialist

Karen Dix

Ashley mayer

Mission Manager

Ashley mayer

Melissa Noto

Graphic Artist

Melissa Noto

Marie Lazzara

PR Specialist

Marie Lazzara

Shirley Mott

Content Specialist

Shirley Mott



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