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12 Oct 2017

The 6-Mile Creative Session

By Michele Kelly, Senior Content Specialist   Hold on . . . I’ve . . . got to catch . . . breath. Sprinted . . . last mile . . . Lana Del Rey and Beyoncé . . . yeah, they with me . . . and all those ideas. The ideas are the reason I tie the pink laces on my black Nike shoes, luxuriate in music nirvana and run as far as possible without looking like I’m […]

24 May 2017

5 Corporate Assets That Establish A Strong Brand Identity

By Karen Dix, Senior Content Specialist   If you asked a cowboy in the old west to show you his brand, he’d point to the seared flesh of one of his cows. “That’s my brand,” he’d say. “That cow is mine.” Nowadays, the word “brand” is used quite broadly and can mean many different things to today’s consumer and/or business owner. But it still has something in common with those metal irons—it marks what is someone else’s. What’s a Strong […]

22 Jul 2016

10 Ways to Diversify Content

By Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz. Owner & Make-It-Happen Director   More and more businesses are hearing about how important it is to diversify their content. Just what does this mean, though? Diversifying content is expanding your efforts past your current platform. For instance, if you have amazing blogs, publish them on different channels. This will help build more loyal followers and grow your brand. It is also a cost effective way to connect with current customers and attract new ones. Here, we’ve […]

21 Jun 2016

Channel A New Outlook – Up Your Workplace Creativity

By Juan Pablo Ruiz, Creative Director & Melissa Noto, Graphic Artist. Ghostwriting/Editing by Shirley Mott.   Did you ever wonder why we see so many articles talking about employee dissatisfaction or un-motivated managers? Perhaps they’ve yet to learn the advantages of fostering creativity in the workplace. The 9-to-5 cubicle grind inherent in the traditional workplace doesn’t leave room for, or encourage, creativity. Being creative at work generally means taking risks, which might make you hesitate. Fear of the unknown is […]