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19 Sep 2017

How to Increase Your Value to Others

By Jackie Camacho-Ruiz   Every morning, I wake up hoping that I will help at least one person that day; that I may be of value to others. I head to work and spend most of my time interacting with people—family, new and current clients, team members, strategic partners and members of the media. Everybody is trying to get something done, and everyone believes that what they are doing is important. But how do we bring the very best of […]

20 Aug 2017

Inspiring Your Employees to Innovate

By Jackie Camacho-Ruiz   The only way to develop a successful legacy is to create a culture that can continue. Legacy is not about building a business like a machine and then being able to walk away and leave it chugging along. It is in the language and atmosphere that you build with your employees that allows your business to continue to grow and innovate in a changing world. There’s no doubt that innovation has lots of air to breathe […]

28 Jun 2017

How to Make it Happen…Everyday!

From running my business, to addressing a national audience, to writing my next book, to helping my kids with homework, to piloting a flight cross country, I wake up every day with a goal to “make it happen” for my clients, friends, loved ones…and myself! I don’t know about you, but I get a tingly feeling of self-satisfaction when I check something off a list or achieve the day’s goal by 10 a.m. My business card states that I am […]

27 Mar 2017

4 Reasons Intellectual Curiosity is Important in Marketing

By Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz   If you are always wondering “why is that…?” or “what if…?”, you may be in possession of a great amount of Intellectual curiosity! Intellectual curiosity is the desire to pursue, enjoy, and engage in learning opportunities and is beginning to replace the IQ as the measure of a person’s general potential. In school, students are many times pigeonholed as “gifted” or “remedial” based on standardized test scores without any regard to their intellectual curiosity. Yet research […]

23 Feb 2017

The Art of Creating Strategic Alliances

By Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz   It was a beautiful night in my hometown in Mexico. I was playing with my friends in the town plaza. Little did I know that my joyful play was about to be erupted by one of the most difficult times I have experienced. “Your house is on fire Jackie, your house is on fire”- people yelled in the center of town. At first, I thought it was a joke. Then, it started to sink it. My […]

28 Oct 2016

JJR – A Team of Risk Takers

By: Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz   We are risk-takers. Risk-taking is nothing new at JJR. A good example of this is a challenge we faced last year. Transformational Growth Partners (TGP), a high-performance coaching firm, originally came to JJR Marketing to launch its business with a new website and media relations. The owners then asked JJR to help them with a special project—a Kickstarter campaign for a book they were co-authoring with noted Top Fuel Kalitta Motorsports Crew Chief, James “Jim O.” […]

01 Jun 2015

5 Servant Leadership Traits – Use Them to Transform your Organization

Since Robert K. Greenleaf in “The Servant as Leader” coined “servant leadership”, an essay first published in 1970, it is generally accepted that being a servant first is the foundation of servant leadership. But what does this mean and can it possibly move your organization from good to great? At JJR Marketing, we like to keep our definition simple: Servant leadership is the act of serving others with pure intentions. Look out for other people and don’t expect anything in […]

01 Mar 2015

Creating an Amazing Team – it’s a Matter of Trust

What do you need for a team that works well together and keeps your organization running like a well-tuned machine? In the quest to answer this question, we turned to the amazing team we have here at JJR Marketing. While each team member had their own insights, there was one recurring theme in all of the answers. Everyone mentioned trust as being one of the main ingredients to success. “I know my co-workers have my back and they know I […]