The Lagniappe Effect

A lagniappe is a small gift given to a customer by a merchant, something given out of good will as a way of saying thank you or expressing gratitude and generosity. This is a Creole word that dates back to 1844 New Orleans. The custom of giving a “little extra” is still widely practiced in Louisiana – and at JJR!

Giving a lagniappe, or added value, is something that JJR does routinely, for all our clients. It goes above and beyond our mission of always following through for our clients and delivering what we promise. This benefit:

  • Makes a positive impact on the company or organization we are giving it to
  • Does not cost much in the way of money or effort on our part
  • Is not part of our agreement with the client
  • Is unexpected

When presented with this extra service, clients feel an amazing sense that they are very significant to us – which they are! We give this gift in a variety of ways, and all team members are welcome and encouraged to participate. Here are some specific ways we, as JJR team members, can give added value to our clients:

  • Make a media connection for them
  • Introduction – do you know somebody that can solve an immediate issue for them?
  • Event invitations
  • Special gifts, such as flowers, cakes or cards that tie to a specific event in their lives
  • Giveaways from other clients
  • Award nominations
  • Handwritten notes and thank you cards

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