Creating an Amazing Team – it’s a Matter of Trust

What do you need for a team that works well together and keeps your organization running like a well-tuned machine? In the quest to answer this question, we turned to the amazing team we have here at JJR Marketing. While each team member had their own insights, there was one recurring theme in all of the answers.

Everyone mentioned trust as being one of the main ingredients to success. “I know my co-workers have my back and they know I have theirs,” says Laura P., Project Manager. This is a sentiment that was echoed by everyone else. It goes beyond trusting your teammates, though.

Leadership has to be strong, visible and approachable. “JJR is run by a leader with focus and drive,” says Melissa N., Graphic Designer. That strength of leadership gives employees confidence and put trust in their managers. In turn, management trusts that they will get the best effort and product possible every time they assign a task.

For instance, our management team leads by example. By openly showing that we trust everyone on the team, it forges belief in the leaders. Successful businesses know this and practice it every day. Diversity of talent also plays a key role in building a team that can rely on each other.  “I think we are an amazing team because of the varied skills we bring to the table,” states Karen D., Senior Content Specialist. “To have a solid team, you must have all the bases covered with people who have varying skills.”

According to Marie L, “Our team is amazing because our members are approachable, especially when it comes to helping each other with questions and situations. If someone needs something, our members will find an answer or refer to someone else who knows that answer.” In turn, each person can focus on their part of the project and make it the best that it can be. They know and trust that others are doing the same. That’s when marvelous things happen and you end up with very happy clients – clients that retain you for the long-term.

One way to solidify a team is to meet regularly. This is especially important for a virtual team. It allows everyone to know each other personally and build bonds between each other. “Our team is supportive of one another,” adds Ashley M, Project Manager. “We are always rooting for success in both personal and professional aspects of life.” You don’t have to meet often, but it is good to encourage people to get to know each other on a more personal level.

Michele K., Senior Content Specialist summed it up best, “Trust. When a team trusts each other, they are able to scale the tallest of mountains. Why? Because when one falls, another lends a hand. When one runs out of ideas, another has one at the ready. When one reaches the top, another applauds. And trust is the glue that binds all of them. Trust dissolves doubt, distrust, anxiety and ego, leaving mind space devoted to getting things done and idea making and joy.”

The process of trust is a journey for everyone involved. Once established, everyone has the opportunity and support to reach their goals – both personally and professionally.

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