New Beginnings

It’s strange to think another year has come and gone. And it’s even stranger to think the year 2000 is just as far away as the year 2030.

At the turn of the New Year, we often focus on what’s to come. And while that sort of optimism and hopefulness is welcomed, we must also remember what 2015 has brought to us and what we have brought to 2015. We need to assess what worked and what didn’t, what made us happy and what made us sad, what we accomplished and what we have yet to.

Reflecting on years past allows us to plan for years to come.

Each year gives us a chance to explore who we are and part of who we are lies in our dreams and accomplishments. The resolutions and goals we set each year outline our wants, but our achievements illustrate what is the most important to us.

Soul and jazz musician Gil Scott-Heron once said, “Our accomplishments show what kind of people we are.” As a talented poet, author, and spoken word performer, Scott Heron’s accomplishments helped establish an early form of hip-hop music and he paved the way for similar genres and artists.

But his accomplishments also outlined his artistic silhouette. It displayed his passion and his penchant for art and all of its forms. He let what was important to him guide the way he lived.

The year 2016 should be the year you set goals that define you. Make resolutions that express the person you want to be in life – both personally and professionally.

Big or small, each accomplishment, and year, is a step that gets you closer to your dreams and who you are. Let this new year be the year you learn more about yourself. Let it be the year you follow your passions and aspirations.

Let 2016 be the year of you!

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