Increase Your Chances of Crowdfunding Success

Boost Campaigns by Partnering with an Agency

At JJR, we understand that sometimes all you need is a little help to achieve amazing results. Your project is your passion and seeing it come to life is your mission. In order to attract investor attention and generate buzz and energy, you need a great plan and a great pitch mixed with the help of a company with a proven Kickstarter track record.

Kickstarter’s mission is to help bring creative projects to life by allowing people from all over the world to help fund the projects. Crowdfunding is gaining in popularity every day. This means that people seeking funds need to have an unforgettable pitch for their distinctive project and the keen ambition to drive the campaign to completion.

We have identified 10 essential ingredients to creating a winning Kickstarter campaign. They are:

  1. Having a compelling story or idea. In other words, what you want to do needs to appeal to your potential supporters.
  2. Set a realistic goal. This applies to both the dollar amount to be raised as well as the length of the campaign.
  3. Put the marketing materials in place. From the professionally branded material and the video to covering events taking place during the campaign, it all needs a plan.
  4. Motivate your campaign ambassadors and core team. Know who these people are and keep them energized. This is also the time to seek celebrity endorsements.
  5. Set exciting rewards. Be creative with the campaign rewards and set inclusive tier levels.
  6. Daily social media outreach. The marketing calendar is very important; setting one up ahead of starting the campaign reduces stress throughout the process. Be sure to include images and integrate your efforts between personal and professional social media.
  7. Media outreach. Have a comprehensive list of media outlets to announce the campaign and highlight events.
  8. Monitor progress regularly. Routinely update the percentages of goal completion. Be flexible with your strategy and make necessary changes along the way.
  9. It may get tough along the way. Never give up and take advantage of all opportunities. Brainstorm with your team for additional ideas during regular updates. You never know when inspiration will happen.
  10. Be grateful to your supporters. Communicate with all your supporters at the close of the campaign and personally thank your ambassadors. Make sure you fulfill your incentives in an efficient and timely manner.

Here are some of our Kickstarter success stories:

  • The Crusaders. This is a motivational comic book for children and in 30 days we raised $35,450. This exceeded our goal by $450, allowing the book to be published and distributed.
  • Top Fuel for Life. This book is about the life and lessons learned by Jim O, an NHRA crew chief. In 30 days the campaign raised $53,771, exceeding the original goal of $47,000 by 115 percent.
  • Project Blue Sky. A work currently in progress, this project met 20 percent of its $50,000 goal in the first 48 hours. The goal of this campaign is to raise the funds needed for an entire community to build an airplane together. Discover more about Project Blue Sky here.

In both our observation and in recommendations from Kickstarter, the first 48 hours are the most crucial for a successful campaign. This is often when the most buzz and attention is generated and builds the foundation for the rest of the campaign. In addition, while funds can be raised up to 60 days, 30-day ventures have a better history of goal completion.

Partnering with an agency means you’re community is expanded. Not only do we help you reach out to your personal contacts, we provide an added network and potential media coverage. No outlet is too small and the idea is to generate conversation and excitement to make your dream come to life.

If you have a great project that needs funding, JJR can help make it happen. Contact us to find out all the details.

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