The Power of Words

When I first started as a young entrepreneur, I had a meeting with one of my mentors and a client. Charged and wide-eyed, I was excited. I was so excited I said the word “amazing” several times throughout the meeting. It not only described the plans we had but the emotions I felt.

After the meeting, though, I was told to tone it down with the word “amazing.” I was told it was too much. To me, it felt as if I was being told I was too much. But how could your real feelings be too much? I said “amazing” because I had truly felt it in my heart. The only way I could describe my emotions were in the authenticity of “amazing.”

But I was taught it was unprofessional. For a long time after that, “amazing” was something separate from my professional life.

In my personal life, if I had an inspiration, I felt amazing. And if I actually saw it through, I felt amazing, too. Soon, I started to notice everything I was doing was amazing. I recognized a correlation: expressing the word “amazing” helped me create beauty in my life. There’s something incredibly magical in putting intention into something. It’s empowering to make things happen.

I described to another mentor what I was experiencing and I confided the power I felt in the word “amazing.” As I narrated my journey with my magic word, my mentor told me I needed to allow “amazing” to permeate JJR Marketing. I was blown away that I could actually be myself and let “amazing” weave itself into my professional life.

“Amazing” is now a part of everything we do at JJR. If you’ve seen my AMAZING acronym and if you talk to people, they will say JJR does all of those things.

AMAZING, my identifying buzzword, is something that resonates and comes with expectations. I have put meaning and intention into “amazing” and created a solid foundation for others to build upon it.

I chose “amazing” because it resounds within me. The choice of your own words represents what you have in your life, physical or not. It represents your lifestyle and what you live in every day. It’s deciding whether your day is wonderful or just okay.

Words create perspective. Words help set intention and intention motivates dreams. The words you use are just as important as the thoughts you think. Be aware of the words you use and choose words that align with your vision. Written or verbal, words evoke feelings and every morning you should ask yourself, “What words will help me create magic today?”

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