JJR Featured In Chicago’s Top 5 Ad Agencies on Clutch

Early in 2017, JJR was featured among leading research announcing top advertising agencies across the US, UK, and Canada on Clutch. The research at the time listed around 200 companies which offered a breadth of traditional and digital marketing services. Since then, Clutch’s coverage has more-than doubled, and the firm has been delving into location-specific competition. We’re proud the JJR remains at the top of the list, named number four among Chicago’s leading advertising agencies.

Clutch is a DC-based research firm examining the performance of business providers across marketing, advertising, and creative service segments. Their work includes hundreds of companies, each of which has been evaluated on over a dozen qualitative and quantitative criteria. Among these are the agencies’ ability to deliver results, customer service, and previous experience.

Furthermore, Clutch speaks directly with clients of each agency, hosting interview-style conversations that elicit the vital perspective of the client. These conversations yield reviews and ultimately form the backbone of Clutch’s research methodology. We’re proud that a number of our clients have taken the time to speak with Clutch regarding our performance, yielding 4.7 (out of 5.0) star score.

Here are some of the things our clients have had to say:

One client, with whom we have been working for over a year, complimented our project management:

“They are very good at laying timelines out, but it wouldn’t be a good, fair analysis to compare them to us, primarily because we were going through many changes. Many timelines had to be redeveloped and rethought since we were redeveloping the platform. They are very good at bringing in a timeline and showing you what should be done by which date.”

Another client for whom we provided branding and naming services highlighted the results of our work:

“The early feedback on the branding, logo, and name has been incredibly positive. It resonates with people. It has absolutely brought us business—people are getting an understanding fairly quickly as to who we are from our logo, brand, and website. JJR did a really great job articulating that and we collaborated on the language as well. We opened our doors on August 1st and I figure that we’re just now closing some of those relationships from our branding.”

Finally, a consulting service company for whom we provided branding and marketing services shared the outcome of our engagement.

“I’ve had several media placements. I’ve gotten two very prestigious awards as an entrepreneur because of the support from JJR. I receive great compliments on my website. I have more followers on Twitter, and my business has been expanding. JJR’s thought leadership has been vital in generating my content credentials. When anyone Googles my name, I will appear in the first 20 results.”

We’re thrilled that our expertise in public relations, marketing strategy, and advertising continues to be highlighted in Clutch’s research. To find out more about our capabilities and what clients have had to say about us, check out our Clutch profile.

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