Business Success Begins with Collaboration

By: Elizabeth Sobiski


Just what is collaboration? Merriam-Webster defines collaboration as “to work jointly with others or together, especially in an intellectual endeavor.” For businesses, this is an essential brick in the path to success. A team that works well together produces amazing results and often exceeds expectations.

Here are four tips for improving collaboration efforts:

Clearly define goals.

Team members need to understand what role they are playing and how that role is critical to the overall success of the mission. At the onset of a project, let everyone know what the main goal is and the responsibilities of each person. This gives everyone a clear picture and helps makes sure no details are overlooked.

Kick micromanagement to the curb.

You’ve given your team a goal and they have a clear sense of their responsibilities. Let them approach it however works best for them – even if it isn’t how you think it should be done. Yes, keep track of smaller deadlines and project milestones, but take a step back and let the great people you’ve surrounded yourself with do their jobs. The results will likely impress you.

Keep in touch.

Regularly scheduled meetings allow members to communicate with each other, give and get feedback. This is a great way to build team spirit, allow team members to celebrate successes or work together to overcome hurdles.

Give feedback.

Praise individual efforts and celebrate results along the way to completing the mission. This builds an even stronger sense of community and deepens bonds within the team.

Assembling a team that has the knowledge, experience and drive to achieve results is common for businesses of any size today. Great leaders know the value of working together and understand how to make it happen within their organizations. Harness the collaborative powers of your team today!

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